02 April, 2014

Summer Sunday and a Year...

09 June, 2013

...(I guess I like it fine, so far.)

(By the way, Rothdell Trail, AKA "Love Street," is just a few miles up the road from me! I haven't visited it, or the Country Store, yet.)

This post is all about Los Angeles. And me. And dating...and how they all complement each other. 

It's no big secret that the past year and a half or so have been absolutely horrendous for me. This past April was the worst, but even going through it, I knew it would be the last of it. At least for a good, long while. 

So, I've spent the past couple of months, unemployed and no longer a pet-owner, Figuring Things Out. I was also able to get some much-needed rest and start learning how to be human again. By the time we were all let go of our jobs (we'd known about it for a while), I was an old hag...I looked it, I felt it, I acted it. I was about 2 weeks away from carrying poisoned apples around with me.

Li'l Miss Cranky Pants

 I was constantly exhausted...a walking zombie. Cranky was a state of being, and I was just so tired of trying to get to bed by 9 for my freaking 4am wake-up. UGH. I couldn't have a life...and a big chunk of my check went to gas for the car, thanks to those 60-mile-round trips to work. (And the commute time? Fuhgeddabowdit.)

After I got laid off and said goodbye to my best friend of 15 years, I visited my folks in Colorado Springs, where I went to Mom's classes with her (historic preservation, Tudor & Stuart England, Medieval Europe), did some hiking and zoo-tripping with Dad, and just generally had a nice, relaxing time. 

Now I'm going out more...I'm actually able to see my friends and spend time with them...I've finally got my reel completed! I don't have the "official" link just yet, otherwise I'd share it with you. :)

And I've decided to start dating. Boys. AND the city.

Yes, I'm officially dating Los Angeles now. We're in an open relationship...mostly because I'll never stop loving London, and New York City is my Official Back-Up in Case Things Don't Work Out With London. 

I'm not a big SoCal fan. I don't like the weather, traffic is hdgfliyaehvcjh (there really isn't a word that describes just how horrible it is and how angry it makes me!),  the Natives are...well, that's a post for another day. But LA still has so much to offer. Because of my old job, I wasn't able to devote much time to her...and that's sort of a death knell in a relationship, yes?

So I'm giving her some attention...and she has a lot to offer me. (Not that I didn't know this...but now I can actually enjoy what's out there.)

I've done more in the past couple of months than I probably have the entire time I've lived here. And I'm enjoying every minute of it! Finding great spots (my favourites so far being The Wellesbourne--check out those photos-- and The Cicada Club), great eats/drinks, great hikes, and great friends. 

The Bat Cave--Bronson Canyon

All dolled up for some dancing at Cicada's!

The Happy Show at MOCA.

More Happiness... ;)

Paradise Falls at Wildwood Hiking Trails

The Wellesbourne! Books and drinks and good music...oh, my!

Getting spifflicated with some giggle juice at Varnish...which inspired this poem, actually:   The Ides of March (a night for easy speaking)

On top of dating the city, I've started dating humans, too. I've met *some* new people, but haven't really been meeting anyone...and no one's really been asking me out, so I joined an online site. I was terrified at first, but after talking with a friend about her experiences, I went ahead and did it. (This could *also* be a post unto itself!) So. I've been going out with some of the fellas from that site. No bad experiences, all good. The first couple, I didn't feel anything romantically, which is QUITE ALL RIGHT...I'm also doing this to meet new people, make some friends, and learn more about the city. So far, I've done all the above! No complaints. :) 

I must be putting some great vibes out into the Universe, because good things keep happening. The couple people I dated in the past 8 or 9 months have contacted me again...I very briefly dated each of them, and the "relationships" may not have ended super-well, but I always figured/hoped we'd eventually be friends again. And that's happened...so that makes me feel very good. I enjoyed their friendship a lot, especially the fantastic conversations, and really missed them both, so it's good to have them in my life again. (And I'll admit...one of them is the World's Best Snuggler, so I plan on getting my cuddle fix. Is it a booty call if it's just cuddling? Ha!)

Another Good Thing that's happened: I gots me a JOB. Thanks to a friend who recommended me, I am now an account coordinator at Deluxe! I'm not sure what all it entails, but I know I'll sometimes be proofreading and editing scripts for subtitles in foreign markets. I've signed an NDA, so I won't be able to talk about some of the films/shows I work on...but I'm excited to begin--TOMORROW! Best part? It's in Burbank, exactly 3.8 miles away from me. Yes, that's right. THREE POINT EIGHT MILES. That's 12-20 minutes, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I am now a productive, responsible member of society again, I decided to Treat Yo Self!

 And so I bought these shoesthis book, and this little number from my favourite store! (It was actually my very first time ordering from them...usually, I just look at everything, slobber, and dream. But not this time!)

OH! I'm also writing poetry again...you can check out some of my new pieces here.  And I'm working wit some friends on turning some poems into songs and writing new music for a potential album, something I've been wanting to do for yeeeaaaarrrrs! I'm very excited about that. May take a while. A long while...but it's still exciting. 

Anyway...that's what's been happening in my neck o' the woods. It feels good to have fun things to report--and to be awake enough to report them. But now...I must clean up a bit. I'm making dinner for some girlfriends who are coming over to watch The Tonys tonight! Yayyyyy--Broadway!!! (My very first true love.)

I'm going to try to blog more often...not just about career stuff, but everything in life. I enjoy reading my friends' and families' blogs, and they're pretty good about writing regularly. Just remind me when you're ready to read something new from me. :)

P.S. My birthday is next Sunday! Yep--my birthday is on Bloomsday. This is where I'll be and what I'll be doing, if you're interested in joining me!

P.S.2 If anyone's interested in helping me spruce up this blog, let me know! It needs some aesthetic work...bores me quite a bit.